The Photography exhibition could be either a part of the show or an exhibition on its own.
Photographer and producer, Omar Montenegro was born in Argentina, he lived in Brazil and the United States for 20 years plus before moving to Asia. After being an official photographer of Rio's Carnival for eight years (and counting) he designed the Greatest party on earth Photo exhibition, which explains with beautiful images, costumes and music Brazil's largest cultural expression, the Carnival.
Omar is also design director at Studio NUMA, a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Singapore.
For exhibition
Previous shows
The photography exhibition was implemented in Tokyo, Seoul, and Bangkok. It consists of 30 to 40 photographs in three sizes. Usually the largest images are 170cm x 114cm, the medium are 120cm x 80cm, and the small sizes are 70cm x 47cm. There are also graphics that illustrate the history of Carnival, the competition, the samba schools, the importance of the creative economy in Rio de Janeiro, the culture of the event, which is quite misunderstood abroad.
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